Effect Lighting: Lose Yourself In A Multicoloured World

With some high-quality rave lighting, you can now replicate your very own Creamfields. Whether you’re at a house party, in a hired town hall, or in a big nightclub, multicolored laser lights may help you create an astrophysical atmosphere wherever. Everyone from the Haçienda crowd of the 1990s to the ravers in Glastonbury’s Dance Tent enjoys getting wasted and lost in a sea of multicolored lasers.

Wading through fake fog and blinding effect lights as the music is pumping has a certain mystical quality. It doesn’t matter how large the venue is if the right combination of excellent people, good lights, and good music creates the illusion that you’ve been transported into the best nightclub in the world.

But, most of us will never be able to match the scope and standards set by the stage lighting at well-known music festivals. There just isn’t enough room, money, or resources to go head-to-head with the big boys, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a memorable experience of your own. A simple space can be turned into a galactic kaleidoscope of color with the help of some of our very own effect lighting. And unlike the massive stage lighting utilized at significant music events, the majority of effect lights are portable and lightweight.

Small Moving Head Spot AVSL MHS-30

This MHS-30 Moving Head Spot by AVSL is a superb illustration of portable effect lighting (150.443UK). With a wide selection of lighting styles and features, this high-quality piece of equipment may improve any small- to medium-sized party. You may host as many raves as you like before you and your body exhaust itself thanks to the astounding 50,000 hours of LED lamp life.

Laser light quick specs

  • 30w LEDs
  • 3 Pin XLR Connectors for DMX In and Out
  • 8 DMX Channels
  • 9 Selectable Colors / 9 Selectable Gobos (Including Spot) (Including White)
  • The “Gobo Shaking Effect”

Sharpened beams and long-range projection can be achieved with manual focus adjustment.

  • Setting and modifying the strobe’s speed
  • Sound-activated and stage-friendly automatic modes

Beam Angle: 12

  • Slave and Master Modes
  • Includes Mounting Bracket
  • Almost noiseless fan operation
  • Suggested For Usage In Compliance With HSG95 Standards

Duoflower Twin Rotary Effect Light by AVSL LED

A very well-liked duoflower lighting pattern is shown on the LED Duoflower Twin Rotary Effect Light by AVSL (151.604UK). The spinning flower effect is produced by precisely positioning rotating mirror dishes, which cause the beams to bounce and burst off the reflection. This effect light has four RGBW LEDs that work together to create a variety of bright, colorful beams that cover a sizable fixed area.

effect light 2Quick Specs:

  • Strobe Effects & 4x Colour Rotation

Two Independent Heads

  • 1 Channel / 8 Channels = DMX Channels
  • Slave/Master

Sound Activated

-2 x 10 watt RGBW

  • Complete & Intelligent Light Display

LED Duoplex Effect Light by AVSL

The portable AVSL (152.627UK) LED Duoplex Effect Light is a type that is easy to move about and put up in various areas on demand. After you insert the plug and play feature, there are only two straightforward modes of operation that are required; complex DMX integration is not required. Red, green, blue, and amber colorways will be created by 128 extremely brilliant LEDs. By setting the microphone sensitivity, the sound to light function of the device can be engaged.

Fast specs: 3 laser lights

  • Four times the colors available (Red, Green, Blue & Amber)

10 Watt Power Outage With 128 LED Lights

  • Plug and Play functionality
  • Sound to light and automatic running modes are available
  • Includes Mounting Bracket

– Recommendation This Product Is Used In Compliance With HSG95 Rules.


You must take into consideration how long effect lights might last if you are organizing a party. There are limitations on how long you may leave some lights on, and strobe lighting is one of them. According to basic guidelines, there should only be four flashes of light every second. For those who are photosensitive or have epilepsy, there are regulations in place to protect their health. Make sure your visitors are satisfied by asking them again, and remember that not everyone can handle strong impact lighting all night.

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