How to clean the hair wig brush correctly

Grooming includes taking care of one’s hair, and proper hair care can both enhance and safeguard one’s appearance. People constantly clean and style their hair in order to properly take care of it and make it appear its best. But we frequently forget to wash the comb. We must continue the good practice of washing the comb if we don’t want the freshly washed hair to be harmed by it. We may learn how to clean the hairbrush by reading this article.

Do you need to clean the brush?

Your lace wig brush needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Dust, bacteria, mites, and leftover hairstyling materials thrive in dirty combs. On the comb, there will be broken hair, some residues, dead skin cells, lint, dust, etc., which will support the growth of germs and increase the possibility of skin infections. Use the same soiled comb to brush your hair every day. Your scalp will become dirty even if you wash your hair daily. Frequent brush cleaning reduces the chance of germs and other organisms growing on the brush and spreading to the hair, preventing bacterial infection. Your hair will appear greasy if you comb it with a dirty comb. Using a filthy comb may cause the residues on it to transfer back to your hair, making your hair greasy and unclean.

HD frontal wigs take a lot of our effort and money. It is preferable to first clean the comb.

Colorful wigs

When should your hairbrush be cleaned?

short straight bob wigs, dust, cotton wool, and other debris can quickly gather between the comb’s bristles. It’s time to clean when you start to see a gray or white film on the brush.

How frequently should a hairbrush be cleaned?

On how frequently we should clean our combs, there are no hard and fast regulations. This primarily depends on the hair type, frequency of use, and type of brush used. Often, a thorough cleaning once a month suffices. Nonetheless, it is preferable to clean your hair once a week if it is long or you experience regular hair loss. Some folks could use hair products frequently. Some hair products require more cleaning the more you use them.

What cleaning supplies ought to we employ?

No special cleansers are required; we already have them. We have access to soap, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, and body washes. We can prepare some baking soda if you are concerned about the cleaning process. Prepare a basin of warm water, find a clean toothbrush, a needle tail comb, and a dry towel.

How should I wash the brush?

The broken hair and cotton wool on the comb must first be removed. Remove as much of the broken hair, cotton wool, and other noticeable items from the comb by using the end of the narrow tail comb, your fingers, or sharp objects.

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The comb is then soaked in the second phase. Warm water should be added to a basin, and then the soap or detergent should be stirred in to hasten the breakdown process. To break down the tough dirt, let the comb soak in the solution for ten minutes.

Avoid directly submerging a wooden comb in water if it is made of wood. Brush the water with the bristles facing downward.

After that, use a clean toothbrush to clean the handle and bristles.

If cleaning proves to be a challenge, try adding some dry baking soda to assist get the grime out.

Rinsing and blow-drying the brush are the third and final steps. To avoid soap residue after cleaning, run the brush under the faucet before laying the bristles down on a towel to dry. You can also use a blower and low-heat air to dry it immediately if you don’t want to wait for it to dry. Bacterial growth could occur on the brush if water is left there.

When cleaning the hairbrush, pay attention to the following:


There is no set period of time at which you must clean the comb, but if you routinely use numerous hair care products and have long hair, we advise that you do it at least every six weeks.


For their readily available human hair wigs, each person is free to utilize a comb made of various materials. Be careful not to clean with a wooden hair brush that has been soaked in water. Wood can split and lose its bristles due to water. If your wooden hair brush gets wet by accident, avoid using the hair dryer’s high temperature to dry it. Use cold air if required, or simply let it dry.


The synthetic bristles may melt or deform if the water temperature is too high during cleaning and drying the comb.


The entire comb, including the handle and brush head, needs to be cleaned. Many folks will disregard the brush head and handle.

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