Selling Your Property in Bulgaria

New Year ….  New Start? …… New Home?

With the New Year celebrations now behind us, many people the world over start looking towards the New Year with anticipation.  Many will have made New Year’s Resolutions, and for some the countdown will begin to an event that they have been looking forward to for quite some time.

For us this time last year we were counting down to starting our new lives in Bulgaria.  We had been consistently planning, packing, and double checking every last little detail to ensure that we would be ready for the big move.

Now for us, we had been looking online for quite a long time for a property to purchase before we settled on our new home in Bulgaria.   But this got us to thinking, if you were selling a house in Bulgaria, how do you manage to get the maximum exposure to the main markets?

I looked into this a lot and it soon became apparent that the main property purchasers in Bulgaria, (aside from Bulgarians) were the Europeans, (lead by the British and Irish) and the Russians.  Now most people in Europe understand basic English (just like when I was at school I was taught basic French and German), so marketing your property in English is quite easy, but Russian, I’ll be honest I don’t know that many Russian words and Google Translate does have its limitations.

When we were trawling the internet, (and we did this for nearly 4 years), looking for Houses For Sale in Bulgaria and it soon became apparent that on some sites, some properties had been for sale for years without movement and yet some were sold surprisingly quickly.

When you are in the UK and selling a property, you design, furnish, and present the property to appeal to as larger audience as possible, but in general you are aware as to who your potential buyer might be.  But when you are selling your property in Bulgaria, how do you market your property to appeal to, as larger audience as possible?  Especially when that audience is international and each country of prospective buyers have their own generic requirements and ideals.

The short answer is you can’t (without experience or prior knowledge), but there are ways and means to help maximise your property to appeal to as larger mass market audience as possible.  This is where an agent with experience of all the relevant markets is advantageous, as they will be able to guide you and advise you throughout the selling process, to achieve maximum exposure.

We have scoured the web to bring you what we think to be, some experienced expert advice from a market leader expressed in a well presented video.

Below is the short but comprehensive video explaining the Bulgarian Property Market and, some great advice on what prospective foreign buyers are looking for.


The video is actually an interview with a Managing Director of one of Bulgaria’s Leading Property Specialists, and offers advice and information from their perspective, which I personally find invaluable, as it is these people, who are on the front line (so to speak) and deal with potential purchasers on a daily basis.

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