The Next Schumacher

We did a short video as we were driving along as we couldn’t believe just how bad the roads were. ¬†What you see us driving along is what Romania call a motorway????!!!! It was absolutely insane, the roads were dangerous coupled with sharp hair pin bends insanely steep hills.

(Please excuse the language).


  1. Jamie

    The speeds are in KM/H you know that right? lol. 60KM/H is just under 40MPH so quite slow, but then again I am a bit of a speed freak. Also with the little rumble strip things, prob not so good even at 40mph

    1. andyandmariet

      We know its in km/h lol but we just couldn’t believe the speed limits shown and the state of the roads. We couldn’t hit the speed limits even in a car lol the roads are diabolical.

  2. carol moore

    Hi you two, how are u doing after reading your blogs which I have been following u religiously and thinking Omg I hope you are ok, sounds like you have had one hello of a journey, hope you have reached your destination in one piece, think yosu will have to die your hair again mate grey won’t suit you lol!!! Seriously though it must have been tough going for you both, thinking of you lots, work still same (crappy) hope everything is what you expected it, look forward to reading your next blog, and hopefully will speak soon, take care, miss u lots, Carol xxx

  3. travelswithmymotorbike

    Romania is always an exciting drive, welcome to the good life here in Bulgaria, we’ve been here nearly 3 years, still haven’t finished the house yet or the garden, your speeding along, house looks good already.



    1. andyandmariet

      Thanks, we are just trying to make it livable for now. There is such a vast amount to do and I should say we will still be doing it years down the road, but then we’ve got all the time in the world now ūüôā

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