The Grand Finale….. Part 1

It’s Sunday morning, the sun is out and it’s getting quite warm. Andy managed a few hours sleep but I only managed an hour. Whilst waiting for andy to wake, I wrote a few notes, took the dogs for a quick walk, fed and watered them then sat an waited. Got a bit nervous when a man appeared at my window trying to sell me an iPhone 4, luckily the dogs started to bark which sent him on his merry way.
We set off at around 11ish, Andys hands were sore from having to grip the wheel so much, and our battle wounds consisted of sore bums, achy legs and backs and Andys knee was hurting( old rugby injury) but we knew it was only going to get worse. We decided that today that we would just drive through Hungary and stop just before the border to Romania, get a proper nights sleep and set off the next morning through Romania as we didn’t want to drive through there at today was not going to be another 18 hours of driving as before and that meant we could enjoy it and the scenery more and I was happy about that. Hungary is a beautiful country, well what I saw of it anyway ( service stations were nice too haha ) ! We arrived at the final service station before the Romanian border, got ourselves something to eat and drink, which consisted of meat salad rolls and energy drinks, that’s all we’ve been eating since we left the UK and sorted the dogs out before we was going to settle in for the night until I found out we would be heading in the wrong direction! We were on the wrong side of the road and would have been heading for Serbia instead!
After half an hour discussion we decided to turn round and find a place to park for the night that was heading in the right direction and in hind sight I wish we hadn’t !
Found a place that had a few lorries parked up, there was a toilet block, no shop but it was quiet and that’s what we needed to get a decent nights sleep. How wrong could a person be!!!!
Andy settled in the caravan and I got comfy in the front of the van and fell asleep, an hour later I was woken by Andy as he came to check I was ok . A few cars pulled up full of people surrounding our van. The all disembarked and hovered around the caravan. Andy felt the caravan being rocked so decided to to make his presence know just in case they were up to something. You can never be too careful. Eventually they left and peace descended on us once again. This time i went in the caravan and and stayed in the van, then blow me, a convoy of vans pulled up behind us and we were surrounded by lots of people again, who also seemed to have an interest in the caravan. By this time I got slightly freaked ! Decision was made , as we wasn’t going to get the rest we needed, we might as well continue our journey. It was 11 pm when we arrived at the Romanian border and a decision I wish we hadn’t made……..

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