Romania….part 2

The Romanian border….what can I say, dark, not very well sign posted, oh and rude! When we finally worked out where to go , we pulled up at a booth with a man sitting there, beside the booth was another man in uniform, who was sat on a bench. We handed our passports to the man in the booth, he checked them, passed them back and said ok, so we proceeded to make our way, only to have the other man shout out waving to come back. As Andy reversed, I was looking in the wing mirror and saw the man wasn’t happy! Might be the fact that he had to get off his arse and walk a few yards! Turns out he was customs control. He proceeded to check our passports, then Andys driving licence, V5 and paperwork for the caravan. Ok not a problem, or so i thought, except he want a V5 for our caravan, so I told him we don’t have V5’s for caravans in the UK. He then hand signal for us to park at the side, then disappeared with our paperwork! By the look of his face, he was not a happy bunny! He kept us waiting for 15 minutes and I’m sitting there having visions that he’s going to make us unload the van so he can search our stuff. I was tired and my patience was wearing thin, so I was thinking he’s going to arrest me first before I was going to let that happen!!!
Luckily it was getting busy, there was a cue of traffic forming, that’s why I think he came back, handed us back our documents and signalled us to go but I do think if we had been the only ones there, my vision would have come a reality.
Off we trundled in the darkness down an extremely bumpy road, into the back of beyond. Although we had our sat nav, it was quite scary as we wasn’t sure we were going in the right direction. We had expected to be driving on a motorway or something like it but we weren’t. They were single roads full of bumps, which I’m guessing were the famous pot holes, but filled in! It was dark and bumpy so we were driving carefully because of the caravan, the las thing we needed was to damage the axle or a wheel fall off ! There was a lot of blind bends and, what I guess we’re speed bumps, that you only saw last minute when you hit them! Every time we did, we flinched, our poor caravan and van was getting a beating. To top all the stress off, the dogs needed to go to the toilet, they were wining and we were struggling to find any where safe to park, not that there really was such thing as a service statin or a decent lay by that we could pull into. The lay bys were small and not really big enough to fit a van and caravan. Eventually we did find one safe enough for us to let the dogs out and it was a relief for both the dogs and us!
We had been driving for a few hours and our stress levels were high. The roads were fairly busy considering it was the early hours of the morning and the drivers were nutters! It wasn’t a case of them speeding because you really couldn’t do that on these roads but they did like to overtake on blind corners. Every minute we spent on these roads was another strand of grey hair added to my already greying mop. I couldn’t wait till daylight, at least we would be able to see where we were going………

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