Marathon drive day 2

It’s day 2 of our journey, as stated in my earlier blog we arrived in Germany at 6.30 am saturday morning and pulled into a service station for some well earned sleep. I only managed to sleep( if you can call it that ) for 1 1/2 hours and Andy only managed 3 ! So after feeding and walking the dogs we set off at 11 am, on our merry way through Germany towards Austria. The weather was bad, heavy rain and bloody cold. The only good thing about the journey through Germany, was the autobahn, one straight road, so to speak and no turning off. The problem with it is that it just went on and on and on and seemed to take forever ! As for the traffic, well the Germans certainly like to speed and cut you up! I lost count of the times that happened and it was worse when a lorry over took because they would pull back in, in front of us, before they had even gone completely passed us! Really thought we might have been goners. The rain was bad too, at times we couldn’t see much in front of us, not that that stopped all the other drivers, bloody nutters ! We might have been slightly jealous at times as the fastest we went was 60 mph and that was downhill haha .
Anyway as I was saying, before I went off on one, the road seemed never ending but after several short stops to see to the dogs, we finally entered Austria just before midnight, took us 8 hours but we got there in the end. Seemed a bit weird there being no border control but glad there wasn’t, didn’t fancy getting stopped again. By that time we passed the tired stage, so we decided to carry on and try to make it to Hungary.
Well what can I say about Austria…. Very steep hills and sharp declines !! Not good when your driving a van fully loaded and pulling a caravan that’s also fully loaded to say the least. The last hill was the worse, so steep that it had to be done in third gear and we only managed to hit 20 mph, don’t think the traffic behind us was too impressed ha ha. We finally reached Hungary at 6.15am and no border control there either, just a few vignette stations, bliss. So after a further half hour on the road we have finally stopped to sleep after being on the road for 18 hours! Andy is asleep in the caravan coz there is only room for one coz of all the stuff we loaded in it and as he’s the driver, he needed it more. As for me I got the front seats of the van hence why I’m awake writing this post, its very hard to sleep with the sun beating in through the window and the seat belt anchor thingy sticking in my back grrr, think I will sleep for a week when we get to Bulgaria , seeing I’ve only had about 4 hours total sleep since 5.30am Friday, disturbed, broken sleep might I add! Well that’s day 2 over with and when Andy eventually gets up we will be on our way, who know how far we will get this time ……..





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