The Final Week……

Just waved goodbye to Andy, as he sets off for his final day of work. I’m sure it’s going to be a long day for him as he watches the clock ticking by slowly, willing the hands to move quicker……meanwhile I’m at home looking around and seeing boxes all over the place, and more stuff to be packed, not quiet sure what to start on first. There’s still bits and bobs everywhere and more stuff to sort for the skip, plus as the house is rented, there’s the thorough cleaning to do, inside and out ready for the final inspection next Thursday. I’m panicking now, as there still seems to be so much to do and sort and not sure if we will get it done in time. Only one week left but really only four days to do it all in. Sunday is taken up by our last visit to Andys parents and Thursday will be the final inspection, which apparently will take at least an hour , plus my final few hours with my daughter, which will be the hardest day of all and the most heart wrenching.
As I’m writing this, I’m thinking of Paul and Sue as its their final week too and I’m sure they will be as stressed as I am at the moment. I’m sure when we eventually meet up in Bulgaria we will look back and smile about it all but until then this next week there will be a lot of swearing, cursing and buckets of tears !!!!


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