Looking like Quazimodo!

Strange title for my blog? Not really, it describes perfectly how I looked after my latest drama ! Last Monday, I awoke early to clear blue skies , beautiful sunshine and a dreaded toothache ! It wasn’t raging, just throbbing and as we were off to Vidin to pay our bills, get our shopping etc, i popped a couple of paracetamols, in the hope that by the time we got to Vidin, the ache would have eased. It did but returned slightly worse by midday, two more pills and it would be fine, or so I thought. By the time we returned home, my toothache was throbbing again, still not raging but niggling constantly. I could feel a slight lump developing just above my lip and realised that it was an abscess. I remembered the last time I had an abscess, swelling, severe pain and no sleep! I wasn’t looking forward to the night ahead. I got Andy to phone the dentist to make an appointment first thing in the morning which wasn’t a problem, unlike in the UK, even in an emergency you still have to wait a week these days!
During the evening the swelling got gradually worse and the tooth continued to throb but not as bad as I was expecting and I was surprised that I managed to sleep through the night but when I woke in the morning I got the shock of my life. I knew my face would swell but not to the extent that it did. What started as a lump the size of a pea developed into a watermelon!! My whole cheek, side of my nose and eye was excessively swollen, I looked like Quazimodo ! I was now in panic mode.
I hate going to the dentist and I really hate needles but at the same time, when I saw the state of my face, I was desperate to get my tooth out. When we arrived in Vidin, we had to park about 10 minutes walk away from the dentist as they were digging up the road and the dentist was down an alley, off a small side street, not really suitable for a LWB high top van. I tried to keep my head down as I felt a bit of a freak and yes people did stare but then I did look like I’d been hit by a bus. When we arrived at the dentist, she took one look at my face and her reaction was the same as when I looked in the mirror first thing in the morning, complete shock. She informed me that as I had a severe infection she needed to send me to a dental surgeon to have my tooth extracted as the usual anaesthetic would not be strong enough and cause me severe pain. After she made a phone call to the surgeon, she gave us directions, explained that he didn’t speak a word of English but for me to not worry as he knew the situation and I was in good hands.
When we arrived the surgeon greeted me with a stern look, directed me in to the dental chair, squirted some numbing spray on my gum area with the offending tooth then proceeded to deal with his other patient who was in the chair next to me. By this time my nerves had kicked in, so every minute felt like a lifetime. The surgeon returned to assess the problem, disappeared for a minute, then returned again with a few tools and the inevitable needle. I braced myself as best I could, the first injection entered the front of my gum under my lip, ( it hurt but not too tragic ), the second needle went into the roof of my mouth and it felt like it was trying to pierce a thick layer of rubber. Well all I can say is it’s a good job the assistant was holding me down and had quick reflexes because my reaction was to grab the surgeons hand and whip it away but his assistant grabbed my hand just in time. The pain was so bad I nearly went through the roof! I think the needle burst my abscess as my mouth filled with blood. When the area of my mouth was numb he pulled out my tooth, it was quick and painless, which surprised me as the tooth had broken at the edge of my gum so there wasn’t a lot left to grab hold off, ( it was a capped tooth that had broken ). They showed me the offending tooth and the root was very long considering it was only a front tooth. I was relieved that my ordeal was over and all I wanted now was the swelling to go down. The surgeon made me sit for quite a while, took my blood pressure, as by this time I think my body had gone into shock as I was shaking like a leaf and when he was satisfied that my tooth had clogged and my blood pressure was ok, he let me go. I was given a prescription for antibiotics and vitamin B complex and a bill for 60 Levs. Despite the needle episode I must admit the surgeon and his staff were excellent, I couldn’t fault them at all and the cost of my treatment was exceptionally cheap. Even the antibiotics, which are one of the strongest on the market, were very reasonable ( 12 Levs ).
On our way home my whole body was shaking and although it was a hot day I was freezing. I was also struggling to stay awake, it felt like I was on sedatives or something and I felt nauseous. It didn’t help that there were potholes along the E79, some of which just couldn’t be avoided. The journey seemed to take forever and by the time we approached our turn off towards our village, I had to get Andy to quickly pull over as I needed to be sick. Not the most pleasant sight for Andy or anyone who was driving by, but needs must and all that.
We had only been home about half an hour, when I decided to go to bed for a while. I couldn’t keep my eyes open or stop shivering any longer. Before I knew it I had conked out. The following day the swelling had got worse and my face and lips were still numb and my eye was itchy and sore. The swelling worried me so I got Andy to phone the dentist to ask if it was normal and apparently it was but he was informed that the swelling will start reducing in about a week. It’s now been 11 days, my face is almost back to normal, I still have a big, hard lump above my lip and part of my cheek and lips are still numb ( weird sensation ), but it’s getting better, I can finally put on my mascara now and at least I don’t look like Quazimodo anymore !!


A Stupid Idea !

I know that when people read this that they are going to think how stupid we are and to be honest, they will be right.
As we had been stuck in our village for nearly two weeks because of the snow, getting low on supplies and cabin fever was setting in ( more with me than Andy ), we decided to go for a long walk. Ok that doesn’t sound too bad or stupid, except we decided to walk to the nearest town, 13km away ! Yes a 26km round trip in the snow! Now your probably thinking we don’t have any shops in our village, we do, five to be precise. So now your thinking, so why walk 13km? The answer to that is the town, Dimovo, is bigger, more shops, more choice…..oh and we are mad.
We set off just after 10am, wrapped up like Michelin men, layers of clothing, hats, scarves and snow boots. It was snowing slightly but only very light,fine snow and it was -3c, so not really too cold. It took us 20 minutes just to get out of our village, as it’s quite a big village, although it did feel longer. The roads were thick with snow and ice even though the snow plough had been out every day. We would have taken a bus but i think due to the roads, they hadn’t been running for a few days. Still, the walk would do us good, even though it would take us hours.
The scenery around us was beautiful, very picture postcard. Although the snow causes so many problems, there is still something magical about it. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos along the way.

We hadn’t walked far out of our village, when I got a slight sharp pain on the top, inside of my leg, near the groin area, an old problem I’ve had in the past. It was nothing sever, just a sharp tugging feeling every time I took a step. Andy kept suggesting turning back, but me being the stubborn sort, I refused, said it was only hurting a little and I was fine. As we kept walking the pain grew worse but still I refused to turn back. It was one of the biggest and most stupid decisions I had ever made! Part of me wanted to turn back but another part wanted to do it, kind of a challenge really. In the past I’ve walked long distances, hour upon hour, but of course, never in thick snow.
We’d walked about 5km when my other leg started hurting in the same way and I couldn’t understand why. Yes, you guessed it, I still wouldn’t turn back!
About half way, there is a bridge over a river, a police car was heading our way in the opposite direction. When it stopped along side us, I thought they were going to ask if we were ok as we were, more or less, walking in the middle of nowhere. How silly of me to think that they were concerned in any way! They asked us for our identity cards, where we were going and if we were walking there, ( no we are bloody flying……fools! ). If nothing else at least we gave them something to laugh about.
After the bridge, there was a fairly steep climb and that’s when it really started to hurt my legs. Andy suggested I walk up it backwards and in all honesty it did help. It would have been a comical sight to see for anyone that drove past us, except we turned around every time a car was approaching, just so we didn’t look silly, ( a bit late for that! ).After about just over two hours walking we finally made it to the main road (E79), only 2.5km to go, except by this time I was in agony. Every step had become a battle. So much so, I had to stop every 30 seconds. Poor Andy was getting worried, he knew I was in a lot of pain but other than offer to carry me, ( which would have probably ended in a worse disaster ), there was nothing else he could of done except keep telling me ‘ not much further ‘. It took us just over an hour to walk that last 2.5km and every step was hell ! The pain was so intense I just wanted to cry. Worst thing of all was I knew I couldn’t walk back. It took us 3 1/2 hours to walk 13km.
I’d seen a couple of taxis pass us by, so we decided to get a taxi back, how naive were we ?We made it to a shop that we had been to before, as I knew the young woman could speak a little English. After purchasing some groceries, (although not everything that we needed, as I wasn’t in the frame of mind to shop, I just wanted to get home), I asked the woman if we could get a taxi or phone for one, well she just laughed ‘ no taxis here’. The only way we might have been able to get a taxi is if we called for one in Vidin, well that was miles away and would cost a fortune. So that’s when I panicked. I couldn’t walk and we needed to get home! In the end we had no option but to phone our friends to pick us up. They were shopping in Vidin at the time but were just about to leave and they didn’t hesitate to agree to come pick us up. I was so relieved and grateful, especially as they had to travel 36km just to rescue us. It was just over an hour by the time they got to us, by that time we were both frozen. I couldn’t apologise more to our friends, ( our heroes 🙂 ), after all it was my stubbornness and stupidity that got us into this mess, worse still, we weren’t the only ones they had rescued, as they had just rescued another couple who had been stranded and had to drop them off first before coming to pick us up!
It was such a relief to get home into the warmth and safety. After a nice hot shower and some hot food, we settled down for the evening in front of the fire. Andy was aching and I was still in pain, so much so, I just couldn’t get comfortable. By 7.30pm we were worn out so decided to go to bed. It hurt just climbing into bed and although it was great just to be able to rest my legs, it wasn’t long before I was in agony again. Every time I tried to turn over, it was torture. In the end I couldn’t stand it any longer so I got up and sat on the sofa until eventually I was so tired, I fell asleep. It’s still painful to walk but I’m hoping by tomorrow, my legs will feel better. I suppose i got my just deserts.
Moral of this story, don’t venture too far away from home, especially in the snow and more importantly never be a stupid as me !!!!!

P.S. To my Mum and family, don’t worry I’m fine 🙂

So Quiet !

Well another week over and more goodbyes. Andy’s parents, Chris and Ian, have now gone and once again the house is quiet, too quiet. It’s been a lovely but busy week and thanks to Chris and Ian’s help, we have managed to get a few more jobs done, ready for winter. To be honest I think we have worn them out !
Chris and Ian arrived on Saturday afternoon. Andy had taken my sister and daughter to the airport, then brought his parents back while I stayed at home to to get everything ready for our guests. I’d hate to run a guest house, it’s bloody hard work rushing around washing bedding, cleaning and trying to make everything presentable before the next guests arrive! I decided to make lasagne and a rich chocolate pudding for their evening meal. There’s nothing like a hot, home made meal after a long days traveling. To be truthful I was a little stressed as I’d never had the in-laws stay, let alone cook for them!
They arrived late afternoon, so after settling in, I dished out the meal. The lasagne was nice but a little dry, I burnt the garlic bread and the chocolate pudding, which I have made several times in the past, wasn’t light and fluffy like it should be, it was more like a chocolate brownie ! Sod’s law that when you try to impress the in-laws, it always goes to pot ! Never the less, they still enjoyed it.
During the week, Chris and Ian helped us with, chainsawing, chopping and stacking our wood, (6 hours of back breaking work), mending the roof tiles around our chimney, installing one of our fires and helping Andy start the build of the brick surround for our outside sink.
It wasn’t all just work, work, work, we did go out a few times. We took them to Vidin shopping, had a walk and a meal by the River Danube, took them to Rabisha lake and took them to the beautiful Belogradchik Rocks. I must admit I did walk their legs off at the Rocks . I like to explore when I go there and that usually consists of walking for miles through the woodland. Not sure where I’m going most of the time and we usually end up having to climb up hills and over rocks, slip and slide down a few slopes but it’s all fun ! What was supposed to be a gentle walk ended up being a bit of a hike but they enjoyed it, ( I think! ).
The week passed quite quickly and before we knew it they were gone . It’s been a good and productive week thanks to Chris and Ian. They are now off to Germany for a holiday ( I think they need it after spending a week with us ! ) Now we are back to an empty and quiet house but not for long, on Saturday my brother Mark and his friend Michael are coming for 4 days and I know those days will be full of rushing around and not a lot of sleep! I can’t wait 🙂


Today is a sad day for me as I had to wave goodbye to my daughter Jade and sister Donna. We had spent 2 wonderful weeks with them but now they have flown back to the UK and our house feels so empty. I know I’m going to see them again next year but it doesn’t stop me from feeling that a part of me went with them. But I have been left with hundreds of photos and beautiful memories.
Our 2 weeks together was spent visiting Magura Caves, Belogradchik Rocks,Vidin and Montana. All our sight seeing was thoroughly enjoyable and full of laughter. We took a walk round our village and the surrounding countryside, although it was more like a hike by the time my daughter took us high up into the hills, but it was worth all the puffing and panting because the views from the top were amazing. We were lucky to have one week of beautiful warm weather but the second week turned extremely cold and wet. We spent some of those days indoors but it didn’t spoil our time together. We spent our time talking, crying with laughter and watching a few chick flicks! Poor Andy!! The icing on the cake was it was my 50th birthday and I got to spend it with them, the best present ever. These past 2 weeks have flown by far to fast, I just wanted it to go on forever but it’s now back to reality, for the moment anyway because Andy is on his way back from Sofia and he’s bringing back his parents as they are visiting for a week. Time for me to wipe my tears and get on with the cleaning before my next guests arrive !
P.s. I love and miss you Jade and Donna xxxxx




Belogradchik Rocks

Today we went to see the famous Belogradchik Rocks, nominated for the Eighth Wonder of the World and after seeing them for ourselves, well all I can say it is truly breathtaking. The view from the top of the rocks is amazing and all I can say was definitely worth going. Spectacular scenery, fantastic rock formations, pine forests, mountains and the forte. Although we took several photos they certainly don’t do the scenery justice, I really do recommend going to see for yourself.



Stray Dogs

Bulgaria is a beautiful country,the scenery is breathtaking, fields of poppies and sunflowers, roadsides lined with wildflowers, vast green pine forests, hills and valleys that take your breath away, rivers, lakes and streams flowing in all directions, it truly is a beautiful country except for one thing…….stray dogs!
I have never seen so many stray dogs (and cats) roaming the streets, sometimes in packs. Wherever you drive there are dogs wondering on the roads or hanging round petrol stations looking for food. Whenever we go into Vidin, they are either laying on the pavements or asleep in the bushes or hovering near the cafes. A lot of them have green tags on their ears and I’ve been told that those with tags,have been neutered/castrated and been treated for flees,etc. Its a sad sight to see and really does pull on the heart strings. One day, when we were in Vidin, a dog kept following us around, everywhere we sat, he would find a spot a few feet away and just lay there, dozing but keeping an eye on us and if we moved away he would follow us and then lay down near us when we stopped. He had such a sad face and I really struggled not to take him home with me. We already have 2 of our own dogs so, if we were to take in a stray, we would have to consider the affects it might have on them, but when you see stray dogs, I can’t help but feel, one more dogs wont hurt, but sometimes you just have to walk away. To be honest half of these strays do look relatively heathy. They don’t look undernourished or dehydrated and , dare I say without being shot down in flames, they do look fairly contented, but there are also those that are in a poor state, very undernourished and extremely sad. I’ve come to the conclusion ( rightly or wrongly), that the healthier ones must have either lived on the streets since they were pups or are strays from strays and it’s all they have ever known, hence that’s why they have managed to survive and the dogs that are malnourished and in a really poor state, are the ones that have been abandoned. Either way it’s a heartbreaking sight to see and one that I struggle with.
Only the other day, again in Vidin, we had just come out of a supermarket and I was putting our trolley back, when I spotted a puppy, no more than about 8-10 weeks old, laying under the trolleys. Someone had kindly left a handful of dried puppy food on the floor for it but the pup didn’t seem interested in the food. He was in a very sorry state, dehydrated, quite thin and weak. I didn’t know what to do, take him home or leave him. So many things run through your mind when faced with that sort of situation and the reality is that you can’t save them all,so I walked away.
We started driving home but I was so upset about leaving the pup we ended up turning round. We went back to the trolley park but I couldn’t see him so we drove around the car park and waste area around it but still no luck,but then I spotted something moving slightly under the trolleys, it was the pup. I tried for ages to coax him out but he just wouldn’t come and I couldn’t reach him as he was in the centre of 4 rows of trolleys. People kept looking at me as if I was a crazy woman but nobody helped. No matter what I did I couldn’t get anywhere close to reaching the pup, in the end sadly and feeling extremely guilty, this time i had no option but to walk away.
Since that day I have thought about that poor pup and prayed that he has survived and maybe he would have if only I hadn’t walked away in the beginning….but ‘if only’ won’t change a thing except next time I won’t hesitate. I can’t save them all but even if I save one, its one less stray on the street. I know there are a lot of people in Bulgaria, individuals, vets, rescue centres etc,that are doing all they can to help these poor strays and they are doing an amazing job under the circumstances. This is a problem worldwide not just here in Bulgaria and sometimes you have no choice but to learn to live with it but that’s not to say you can’t do something to help ease it a little, even if its just something as small as giving food to a stray.

Fast Forward….part 2

As we had been working so hard,it was time to take a break from it all, so we decided to head to Lom for the day to see Sue and Paul. They had arrived in Bulgaria a day before us and we hadn’t seen them since the day we met them in Vidin , a couple of weeks after we arrived, so we thought it would be nice to catch up.They live 10km outside of Lom and according to the sat nav it was going to take us 1 hour 20 mins to get there, wrong it took us just over 2 hours! We’ve worked out that where ever you travel in Bulgaria always add extra time on your journey because of the roads. The scenery, as always is beautiful, and we travelled through a lot of really lovely villages but oh my god the road was horrendous ! At least half the road there was quite narrow, full of potholes and to make matters worse, some of it was cobbled. Considering its a main road, full of lorries may I add, it’s pretty shocking. Having a high top, LWB van is great when your renovating a house, for picking up building material, but not for long journeys on roads like these, a 4×4 would be more suitable. It doesn’t help, I suppose, that I’m a terrible passenger, always putting my foot on the break that isn’t there or shouting at Andy to ‘slow down’, even though he’s only doing 40 Kmh, or ‘ watch out for the car,old lady wandering on the road or the stray dog’ . In my defence, it’s not much fun watching artic lorries trying to avoid the potholes and they are on our side of the road, heading towards us. It’s not as if the road was wide enough to move out the way. To top it off,as we were driving out of Lom, there is an extremely long, steep hill to climb which was cobbled all the way up! The view at the top was amazing, to be fair, but all I kept thinking about was the journey back!
It was great to finally get to our destination and see Paul and Sue again. They had settled into life in Bulgaria and loved it as much as we did. Their houses( they have 3 on their plot) were lovely and since they have been there, they had done quite a lot of work. The village was lovely too and so peaceful. After catching up for a few hours, we headed into Lom for a bite to eat. They took us to a kebab place they had found that did the most delicious food and it was so cheap. It’s so nice just to be able to sit outside, eat lovely food, relax with friends, sun beaming down and watch the world go by. Life is good.
Eventually it was time to head home but this time we went a slightly different way. We still had to go on the stretch of cobbled,narrow,potholed, heart attack road, but then we turned off towards Vidin and the road was a lot better. Even though it was supposed to be the long route home it actually only took us 1hour 25 minutes. It was a lovely day and so nice to have a break from renovating and I can honestly say that although I moan about the roads, every where we go here, it’s alway an adventure one way or another and always a memory to look back on with a smile 🙂 ……

Air Conditioning !

Well summer has definitely arrived! The sun is beating down, temperatures in the shade reaching 36 degrees , hitting 50 degrees at times in the sun, now that is hot! Since the departure of my brother and Mum, it’s been so hard to get motivated. The heat just zaps all your energy and we have been spending most of our time trying to cool down. It got to the point where one day we had 4 fans going in one room, but it just wasn’t enough, so we made the decision to go buy a portable air conditioner, easy said than done! We traipsed around Vidin from shop to shop, sweating buckets along the way and loosing the will to live as it was starting to feel like searching for the fairy at the end of your garden, the one that doesn’t exist ! Bulgaria gets very hot during the long summer so shops do supply air conditioning, except they are the ones that are fitted to your walls in every room, they cost a fortune and are expensive to run and as we are on a tight budget, purchasing that type was out of the question. Finally we found a shop that did a portable unit, trouble was, it wasn’t quite the real deal. Basically you had to fill a tray up with ice then when you turned the fan on it blew out cold air, not really practical and we would need a big freezer to store enough ice cubes to keep it going, ours is only small. Luckily the shop next door also did one, only this was a proper portable unit, but it was a bit expensive. It was a dual one, air con and heater, bonus! After deliberating for about 20 minutes as to wether to buy it or not because of the price (549 Levs), we decided to buy it. Word of warning, never buy something when sweating buckets and dying of heat exhaustion, you end up making rash decisions!
Finally home, hot and bothered, we unwrapped the box and read the instructions….’ Before using for first time,leave to stand for 2 hours’ , GRRR…. a ‘ carrot and a donkey’ situation! Also in the instructions, ‘ attach the vent pipe to the back of the unit and place vent through window or door ( only suitable for sliding windows or doors ) ‘ . Ok, so now my patience has been pushed to the limit, this is Bulgaria, you don’t really see many , if any houses with sliding window, let alone doors!!! We have wooden double windows but the trouble is if we opened the outside ones they would probably fall apart so our only option was to put the vent out our living room door into the kitchen. Not the best idea as, although the air con worked in the living room and it was lovely and cool, the kitchen was cooking as the vent releases the hot air out of the back of the unit ! Not so portable as we thought. It now sits in the bedroom as we use it at night, which is a blessing, and the vent goes out our window because we are lucky to have a missing pane of glass, if you can call that lucky! As for the living room it’s back to using fans…….

Family Visit

Tuesday 11th June and the arrival of my Mum and brother Mark. It was only a short visit due to my brothers work commitments, they were only here till Saturday but we have been looking forward to seeing them. I was a little nervous to the reaction of my mum as she had never been to Bulgaria before so wasn’t sure she would like it. We had also worked really hard to try and get the house in a liveable state and I was anxious to see their reaction. Don’t think the weather helped my nerves either. Monday it was a beautiful sunny day but on Tuesday it decided to rain all day! The trouble with rain is it makes everything look so dreary plus it wasn’t helping with my kitchen floor, every time the dogs went out, my floor ended up with muddy footprints, I was fighting a loosing battle, trying to keep everything clean and tidy for my family’s arrival.
They finally arrived at 5pm and despite the weather and all the traveling Mark was in high spirits but my poor Mum not so much as she was full of cold and the journey pretty much wiped her out, but at least they arrived safely and I was so happy to see them.
The following day the weather had improved slightly, instead of raining constantly it rained on and off all day but it did let up long enough for us to take a wonder around our village. To be honest, it was the first time Andy and I had actually walked around our village since arriving. It’s a big village, with 5 shops,a bar and even a post office, that we probably wouldn’t have found if it hadn’t been for my brother and his inquisitive nature! Some of these buildings look like either someone’s house or slightly run down and disused. It’s only if you peer through the windows and hear someone inside shouting you to come in, that you realise it’s actually a shop or post office. There is a lovely stream that runs along the back of our village, so we took a wonder down to have a look, only we didn’t take the track that is just at the edge of the village, we took one that went behind some houses but the little track, if you could call it that, disappeared, so my poor Mum was taken through long grass and muddy slopes, during which time we were trying to reassure her that there was a proper track up ahead and no snakes in the grass. We never did find the track!
Although our village is big and there are about 400 residents, around half the houses are empty. Such a crying shame to see so many empty, as there are quite a few really lovely properties, with a bit of work and some imagination, they would make lovely homes. Our village, like most villages in Bulgaria, may be run down and surrounded by derelict buildings, but it does have a certain charm and warmth about it as well as being surrounded by beautiful countryside. It was nice to be able to show my Mum and Mark our surroundings and the reasons why we love it here.
The following day, the sun was beaming, so we went into Vidin. I wanted to show my Mum the market, full of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables, and all the lovely shops where you can buy just about anything. We bumped into our friends, so we joined them for a coffee. It was great to just sit and chill for a while and watch the world go by.
We had lunch down on the river Danube. There is a quaint restaurant on a boat which does nice food and the staff are friendly but the best thing about it is the amazing views. The Danube is vast and along it, across the water are small islands, which if you wanted, you could go across to them, camp, have a BBQ or just relax and soak up the views. There are cafes and restaurants with small playgrounds,running along the edge of the river, children playing, people strolling and some people fishing, Everyone just seems so relaxed and stress free. After lunch we continued strolling around vidin but It was so hot Mark insisted on getting an ice cream. So it was back to our regular cafe to order a bowl of mixed fruit and ice cream, to the amusement of the waiter, as Mark was like a big kid, all excited because they did ice cream !
In the evenings we sat eating and talking till the early hours. Bit of a struggle for me and Andy as we usually hit the hay around 11, usually because of a hard day working, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mark and Andy returned to Vidin the following day as Mark wanted to visit the dentist, he was suffering from toothache so decided he might as well get it done here, as it is so much cheaper than in the UK. Unlike in the UK you don’t have to wait weeks either, just a quick phone call and he was booked in for just over an hour later. Turns out the work needed to be done on his tooth would take 2-3 days and as he was flying back the following day he had to leave it. Andy and Mark ended up spending most of the day in Vidin, while my Mum and I stayed at home relaxing, chatting etc.
Saturday soon arrived and it was time to say goodbye, it had only been a short visit and it flew by and I was sad to see them go. It was lovely to be able to show them our change of lifestyle and I enjoyed listened to Marks enthusiasm for Bulgaria, as he loved it and really appreciated what we were trying to do. We look forward to their next visit, perhaps next time they will miss the rain……!