Last Goodbyes

We went to see Marie’s family today to have our last family gathering before we set off on our Big Adventure in Bulgaria. It was great to see everyone again and was lovely talking about everything family orientated.
It was a good feeling as well to see and hear the positivity from everyone about Bulgaria and what we are doing. It is really good to know that we have got the support of our family for what we are doing and that we will be leaving the UK on good terms with everyone.
The final moments were full of emotion, coupled with hugs and some tears which did make it a little bit hard to drive away, but it just goes to reinforce the fact that we are cared about.
It is going to be a bit surreal once we have gone knowing that our family is no longer down the road but nearly 2000 miles away, and I know deep in my heart that it will pull me and Marie closer together as we can only depend on each other until we begin to make new friends.
It is this feeling that has made me realise that we are not just embarking on a new chapter in our lives but also a new chapter in our relationship. It is really exciting to know that everything we shall encounter we shall do so and experience together, it is a wonderful feeling having someone to share this potentially once in a lifetime experience with, after all how often do you get to live out your dreams with someone you love, care and cherish.
Next week it is my turn to say my last goodbyes before the big journey, which will probably be just as emotional.

On another note my brother in law Mark, has stepped up and provided us with new tyres and a spare wheel for our 1960’s retro caravan. These are definitely going to be essential for our journey as some of the stories we have heard about potholes are quite scary, I don’t relish the thought of having to change a wheel on the side of a motorway in a foreign country, but at least if it did happen I now we are now prepared.
You can find him on Facebook at Treads 2 Go

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