A big thank you

Well I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has visited our little site so far. We have now hit over 1000 views in less than two weeks which has just amazed us completely. This is just the start and to be honest not very much has happened so far, but as our journey to our new lives continues and we share our experiences with you, there will be alot more added to this site.
It is humbling to think that we have reached so many people so far, and looking at the stats we have had visitors from every continent around the world, which is just astounding.
Also our number of twitter followers has grown from less than 100 to over 500 in this short time as well, which is in no small part to this site.
This morning I did some searches on the leading search engines and found that our site is ranked on the first page of each search which is also amazing.
We can’t thank everyone enough and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our site as we add more to it.
The realisation and urgency is hitting a bit more now as we realise that we have less than 3 weeks until we will be on the ferry and leaving the UK behind to start our new lives.
Yesterday we started weighing everything that we will be taking with us to make sure we wouldn’t be overweight, and we some careful calculations we realised that we will be fine with a little bit of room to spare. Although when we looked at all our belongings that will be coming with us it was quite sobering to see a relatively small pile in the living room and realise that that is all we have to our names now that we have sold most of our belongings.
It does make it a little bit unnerving looking at the pile, and thoughts of what are we doing and are we mad have crept in a little bit, but then we also look at it, and think well the possibilities are endless, as we are not constrained by furniture anymore so we can spend time working with our hands and build everything we want, when we need it and how we need it. There will be no more looking for the right piece to fit in that room as we shall just build it ourselves, which being honest is quite uplifting as I know that everything we do will be a little victory and achievement and that is what will help to keep us going when the times get a little bit hard.
My wife keeps thinking I’m going to go a little bit mad professor, but hey who doesn’t want a chest of drawers with a sink in, or a bookcase that doubles up as a door, or the fireplace connected to the bath tub or shower, with us the norm will go out of the window (to a point – hey still need a bed to sleep on, etc) and we can just let our imaginations run wild and be as creative as we want to be.
I’ve never been “normal” and always pushed the boundaries so everything we do from this point on is just another part of our big adventure.
Once again though thank your to everyone who has visited our site, signed up to e-mail notifications and has left us some wonderful comments. You spur us on a bit more to keep doing what we are doing and sharing our adventure with you all.



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