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Location of the village:

– The village Patalenitza is situated in region Pazardzhik at the foot of the RhodopaMountain.
– Distance from major cities: 120 km. south -east from the capital of Bulgaria Sofia; 50 km. from Plovdiv.
– Nearest town Pazardzhik – 15 km.
–  The village Patalenitza is well known with its exceptionally clean and fresh air and is an attractive place for people with respiratory diseases.

–  The village is situated in a safe and stable geographical region with no natural disasters, no problems with running water and break-down of electricity supply; no gypsies

–  Near Patalenitza there are several modern out-door pools with mineral and spring waters and other facilities open to visitors the whole  summer – in Varvara – 8 km. Belovo – 20 km., Debrashtitza – 5 km.; and in Patalenitza as well – Complex Flora

–  Another attractive place is the town Velingrad – 33 km. from Patalenitza, well known with its numerous mineral springs and spa hotels. It is also an entry point to many other beautiful places in the Rhodopi mountain.

Other activities:

Fishing opportunities – Dam BatakDam DospatDam Beglika – Mariza river

To see exact location on Google map click here

More info about Patalenitza can be seen HERE

Location of the property within the village:

The property is situated in the most attractive upper part of the village in a calm and quite area, very close to the wood.  It is surrounded by very friendly neighbours.
The property can be used the whole year. The winters are mostly sunny and the summers are not as hot as in the town, because of the cooling wind coming from the mountain above the village.
The house has traditional Bulgarian mixed structure – stones and bricks and has been recently entirely renovated.
The proximity to the highway Sofia-Plovdiv-Burgas makes it easy to reach any place in Bulgaria.
Both houses are fully equipped and furnished as follows:

• Main house: 60 sq. m.,1 floor with stairs; consists of foyer, bedroom and kitchen
o Foyer: WC and shower, electric water-heater
o Bedroom: two beds, wardrobe, chest of drawers
o Kitchen: equipped with electric cooker, refrigerator and other kitchen utensils
o  Basement – under the whole house with stone ground, separated in two parts:
– for tools and materials
– appropriate for a home tavern – table with chairs, sofa, cupboard, shelf and other items as interior

• Small house:
o The small house is situated in the yard, opposite the Main house
o 31,5 sq. m., equipped with wash-basin, washing machine, table, rest area, sofa, bookshelf
o The ground is covered with cobble-stone
o Fan

• The yard:
o 636 sq. m. fenced with stone walls from three sides and with wooden fence from the fourth side
o There are flowers – roses, oleanders etc., grass, fruit-trees – apple-tree, peach-tree, apricot-tree, plum-tree; almond-tree, hazelnut-tree, pear-tree, chery-tree, fig-tree; kiwi trees, pine-trees, small olive trees, trellis-vine;  The soil is fruitful and appropriate for every kind of vegetables  herbs and seasonings.
o Wash line and rest area with barbeque and hand-made traditional clay oven
o Cobblestone and gravel alleys
o Grass-cutter

• Other info:
o The property is 5 minutes from bus stop and food shops
o  In the town Pazardzhik one can do shopping in some major chains like Kaufland, Billa, Lidl and Peny market as well
o  Duration of traveling by bus to and from town is about 40 minutes; by car: 15-20 minutes
o  There is a pharmacy and medical service available in the village and 5 hospitals in the town

Please contact if you would like any more information or wish to discuss this property further.

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 Property Price – 35,000 Euros

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