Let The Battle Commence….

Well we have been here 8 days now and so far I have been bitten by Mosquitos 26 times! My legs, back, feet, arms and even my face have been a feast for the little buggers. I have only had one night where they let me on parole and it was a joy to wake up without another annoying, itchy lump, but that was short lived. There was a time when every day I would spray ‘ 2one2 sexy’ or ,Byzance’ perfume so I would smell nice, but those days are gone, now it’s ‘SOS’ insect repellant, followed by dollops of antiseptic cream and if that don’t stop the itching,then a rub over with fresh garlic! So as you can imagine, I’m not smelling like roses at the moment. Today I have even made one of those home made mosquito traps, the one with the bottle filled with sugar, water and yeast. It’s hanging outside my kitchen and tomorrow I will check to see if it works, if it does then the house is going to be surrounded with bottles. I’ve had enough, this means war, so let the battle commence………




  1. Anne

    HAVE YOU TRIED: planting lavender. In pots, around the house – everywhere. Apparently mozzies don’t like lavender. Or rosemary, I think.
    ALSO, Avon makes a product that is marketed for skin softness (Skin So Soft – quite a lot of work went into that name, I should think) which smells surprisingly lovely and is also good at keeping mozzies at bay. I have read that the British Army have been using this – unbranded of course – in hot countries, explicitly for mosquito avoidance. Should be google-able.
    GOOD LUCK! ~Anne

    1. andyandmariet

      Ok thanks.Andy gets hayfever and lavender is one plant that sets it off but I will look into the cream, it would be nice not to smell of repellant or garlic for a change ūüôā

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