It’s party time!

Well the hot weather is here and it BBQ time, except I’m the feast and the party goers are the mosquitoes !!!

20130513-195125.jpg Almost the full top of my leg!

20130513-195256.jpg. Swollen feet caused by the bites !



  1. carol moore

    Ah!!! Mate, don’t think much to ur bbq guest’s, the little bastards, those bites look really sore,, bless you, wot you been putting on them? How is everything else going, from reading your amazing blog sounds like your getting the hang of the goodlife in your new home and seem to overcome any new challenge you and Andy are faced with which is good to hear, if there is anything I can get you to help with your bites don’t hesitate to ask!! Will speak soon, take care, miss you. Love Carol.

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