Dust, dust and more dust!

Friday 3 May

We have been here a few days, the suns been shining, it’s been very hot and we had no fridge! We had been using the electric cool box, which we had plugged into the jump start power pack but it decided to suddenly stop working, which left us with a problem as we had bought milk and butter etc. Andy was a bit annoyed as it was only a few months old and cost us over ¬£100 ! So, we had not choice but to head off into Vidin to find ourselves a fridge. That turned into a real expedition.
I had googled where there was an electrical shop that wasn’t too pricey, so we put that into the sat nav and headed off. Soon we were entering the centre of Vidin. It was extremely busy, cars and people all over. The sat nav was telling us to turn left, then right , then right again and before we knew it we were going on a magical mystery tour, only it wasn’t magical, it was hell! The roads were tight and the worst potholes we have so far encountered, cars pulling out on us or trying to squeeze past, people walking in the middle of the road and after about 30 mins we still couldn’t find the shop. Eventually we decided to park up and have a look on foot but gave up after walking round for 20 minutes. We drove to another part of Vidin that someone told us there was an electrical shop but again nothing, so we found a hardware shop and went in there to have a wander and price a few bits up for future reference. I decided to ask if they could tell us where we could buy a fridge, but I can’t speak the language, out came the iPad ! Typed in the question on my translate app and showed it to the lady in the shop. At first she looked at me in a rather stern manner, read what I had typed on my iPad, then proceeded to write down the name of the shop I needed and signalled with her hands the direction I needed to go.
At last we were finally going to get a fridge! The shop,or should I say warehouse, was Techmaket and they had everything electrical and a big selection. It took us no more than 10 mins to pick a Samsung fridge and cost us 249 Levs, which we thought was reasonable. I found it amusing when the young man brought it out from the stores in the back, took off all the wrapping, checked there was no damage, called security to also check it, wrap it back up, take it to the checkout and after handing over our money to the cashier, another security woman, who was standing next to the cashier preceded to check it all over again, including the receipt, before it was taken to our van.
Now that’s what I call being thorough!
All in all it took us just over 3 hours just to buy a fridge and after that adventure we couldn’t wait to get home!

Saturday 4th May

Today we decided to clear the room we have been sleeping in and Hoover all the cobwebs and dust and try to get it into some sort of order. We brought my trust industrial Hoover with me which is powerful enough to pick up just about anything. After clearing the room, Andy turned on the Hoover and proceeded to clean the dust off the floor only there was a piece missing that stops dust from blowing out , so while he was hoovering up the dust, it was blowing out the other end, making more mess then when he started! So it was tools, down and off to hunt for the missing piece. Well as I’ve mention before, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!! We pulled boxes apart, looked under things and on top of things but could we find it…no, but I did find our iPad chargers that we were looking for the other day !!
We needed to find a way of solving this problem, so out came the socks! 4 socks, one inside the other, dampened down, then tie strapped on the Hoover where the missing part should have been. Hay presto, no more spewing dust, well not as much anyway!
It took Andy a couple of hours to rid the room of cobwebs and dust and even thought the room needs some filler and a good lick of paint, it was looking a lot cleaner. Next on the list was to salvage the 2 wardrobes that we found had been left here. Not the best looking wardrobes but with a good scrub, they would give us much needed storage. Took me a lot of scrubbing and disinfecting but they came up well and if I say so myself, I was pretty proud of myself. The hardest part was lifting one of them from the sitting room to the bedroom, weighed a bloody ton, but after a bit of blood, sweat and tears we managed it. Finally we were able to unpack all our clothes and I didn’t realise we had brought so much!
7 hours of hard grafting we finally have a room that resembles a bedroom and the sitting room is now slowly getting cleared of boxes. Sweaty and dusty, bath time was heaven, even though our bath consists of a small paddling pool and a bucket of warm water! Another day over and quite a successful one at that.

Sunday 8th May

Up early, quick coffee and now time to start on cleaning the kitchen. Today the plan was the same as yesterday. Cobwebs, Hoover dust and scrub windows! Andy is struggling with the dust slightly and has been having to use his inhaler a little more, so we have all the doors open and the fan on. While Andy got on with the hoovering, I was outside scrubbing the pine tables that we found in the house and after scrubbing them within an inch of their lives, they have come up beautiful, all I need is some bees wax and they would be perfect. There was also an old fashioned kitchen cupboard, the sort of cupboard we used to have in the UK, in the 1960s, that I also decided to scrub clean. In time I will sand it down and repaint it, but in the meantime it will do for storage.
When we bought the house, we asked that it not be cleared out as we wanted to recycle some of the stuff and in the beginning I regretted it because of the amount of clothes and junk that was left, but now I’m glad because there is so many things we can reuse with a bit of imagination as we are on a tight budget. Even silly things, like I needed something like jiff to scrub the tables and lo and behold, on a shelf in the corner was something similar! This house is full of useful things, it’s like magic.
Anyway, 8 1/2 hours later and our kitchen is done. When I say done, I don’t mean done the way we finally want it, I mean done, as in liveable, but we are happy with what we have achieved and that’s all that matters. Our house is slowly becoming a home……


Andy hard at it !!


  1. lis hampshire

    enjoyed your blog, as we say here….bovno bovno xkeep going and enjoy your life here, it is truly wonderful x

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