So Quiet !

Well another week over and more goodbyes. Andy’s parents, Chris and Ian, have now gone and once again the house is quiet, too quiet. It’s been a lovely but busy week and thanks to Chris and Ian’s help, we have managed to get a few more jobs done, ready for winter. To be honest I think we have worn them out !
Chris and Ian arrived on Saturday afternoon. Andy had taken my sister and daughter to the airport, then brought his parents back while I stayed at home to to get everything ready for our guests. I’d hate to run a guest house, it’s bloody hard work rushing around washing bedding, cleaning and trying to make everything presentable before the next guests arrive! I decided to make lasagne and a rich chocolate pudding for their evening meal. There’s nothing like a hot, home made meal after a long days traveling. To be truthful I was a little stressed as I’d never had the in-laws stay, let alone cook for them!
They arrived late afternoon, so after settling in, I dished out the meal. The lasagne was nice but a little dry, I burnt the garlic bread and the chocolate pudding, which I have made several times in the past, wasn’t light and fluffy like it should be, it was more like a chocolate brownie ! Sod’s law that when you try to impress the in-laws, it always goes to pot ! Never the less, they still enjoyed it.
During the week, Chris and Ian helped us with, chainsawing, chopping and stacking our wood, (6 hours of back breaking work), mending the roof tiles around our chimney, installing one of our fires and helping Andy start the build of the brick surround for our outside sink.
It wasn’t all just work, work, work, we did go out a few times. We took them to Vidin shopping, had a walk and a meal by the River Danube, took them to Rabisha lake and took them to the beautiful Belogradchik Rocks. I must admit I did walk their legs off at the Rocks . I like to explore when I go there and that usually consists of walking for miles through the woodland. Not sure where I’m going most of the time and we usually end up having to climb up hills and over rocks, slip and slide down a few slopes but it’s all fun ! What was supposed to be a gentle walk ended up being a bit of a hike but they enjoyed it, ( I think! ).
The week passed quite quickly and before we knew it they were gone . It’s been a good and productive week thanks to Chris and Ian. They are now off to Germany for a holiday ( I think they need it after spending a week with us ! ) Now we are back to an empty and quiet house but not for long, on Saturday my brother Mark and his friend Michael are coming for 4 days and I know those days will be full of rushing around and not a lot of sleep! I can’t wait ūüôā


  1. Patrick

    I love your blogs we was recently in Vidin with Plaman. I had bought a small house in vruv and it is our intention to do it up a little and use it for holidays etc. Plaman was surprised when I told him I already knew him from your blogs
    Keep them up you are viral lol and it’s good to see the English trying to blend and not take over or moan that it’s not like home

    1. andyandmariet

      Thank you for your comment. I can imagine Plamen’s reaction lol. Nice to know people are reading the blog and we hope it helps in some way to those that are thinking of doing the same. It’s not always fun and games but it’s a good life and we love it. Hope all goes well with your house. Keep in touch, it will be nice to know how you are getting on and if you’ve got any questions or need help in any way just message us, we will gladly help if we can ūüôā

  2. deemarkova

    Hi! I began following your blog as i find it inspiring that you chose Bulgaria as your destination for a new life. I was born in Bulgaria and left for a ‘better life’ in Canada when I was 6. I’ve returned to my homeland many times since then and it has been interesting to see how the country is developing and growing. I look forward to your future posts!


    1. andyandmariet

      Diana, we are glad you like our Blog. We love Bulgaria and are so glad that we have chosen to live here. The scenery here is breath taking and we love the ‘originality’ and ‘back to basics’ way of living. It is nice to live in a country which is not money dominated but to have each house as a micro farm in a way. We admire the can do attitude of our neighbours and their resourcefulness. We appreciate that they have led a tougher lifestyle than that of Western Countries, but see how they want their country to remain unspoilt. We truly want to integrate into the Bulgarian way of living and leave the ‘Western’ way of living behind us.

  3. nancy

    love your blogs and so glad you love your new life . I come for a holiday but know I could not live in Bulgaria life is to hard for me .

    1. andyandmariet

      Nancy glad you like our blog. As we have found life is what you make of it. It has been very tough at times but we wouldn’t change it for the world. For once we are in charge of our own destiny and our lives and are loving every minute of it.

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