Our Last Visitors !

Once again I’ve been reduced to tears as I’ve had to wave goodbye to our last visitors of the year, my brother Mark and his friend Michael. Goodbyes are always hard for me and it makes it harder knowing it will be another 6 months till we get to see some of our family again but on a brighter note it’s been wonderful to have them here. It’s funny how we never really spent much time together back in the UK as everyone was always so busy, work, home life, etc, but since we’ve moved to Bulgaria most of the our family have flown over to spend time with us, real quality time. It’s been great to be able to relax, have the time to talk, have dinner together and laugh together, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it.
My brother, not only came to see me but also to see the house he bought in our village for a holiday home for his family. So the few days he was here was filled with driving from one building merchant to another, discussing 1001 ways to renovate the house, land, etc and exploring the surrounding roads, or should I say tracks! My brother likes to drive around exploring and that usually means ‘ oh I wonder what’s up here, let’s check it out ‘ , the next thing you know we are heading up a dirt track to god knows where! I must admit though, it’s a great way to find places you never knew existed, like a newly built restaurant in a village the middle of nowhere, or a large builders merchant hidden behind several derelict warehouse, ( how random! ). These past few days has been a bit of a whirlwind and we are suffering from sleep deprivation but I’m not complaining, I savoured every minute of it as I knew it would be a while before we get to do it all again and I really can’t wait !
Thank you Mark and Michael for a memorable few days ūüôā xxxx

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