Busy In The Garden !

Since our last guests departed it’s been back to work, this time in the garden. Our first project was to build a new surround for our outside sink and a raised border where our drainage pipes ran, as we needed to make sure all the pipework is protected,(as much as possible), from the winter months that is soon to be upon us. As we are trying to use as much recyclable material as possible, we purchased 300 used bricks from our neighbour (50 Levs), used tiles from part of our barn that we dismantled previously and wood left over from one of our projects.
The weather has been unbelievable for this time of year, with temperatures reaching as high as 44c in the sun, great weather but not the best for working in! There is one bonus though, working in that sort of heat certainly makes you loose weight, Andy has lost 3 stone since being here! The only downside to this weather is the bloody flies, they insist on hovering around our faces, most annoying when your trying to work! It took us 4 days to complete and we are quite happy with the end result and to top it off, our neighbours seem to approve, which is a bonus :).
Next task was to tackle the overgrown trees. Our apple tree was extremely over grown, I don’t think it had been pruned for years. It was so tall that it was growing through the electric cables, so it definitely had to be pruned right down. Andy had to do the top branches bit by bit so as not to knock the cables, then came the larger branches. One of the branches Andy had cut got entangled in the tree so Andy decided to rip it free , which he managed to do with brute force and ignorance. The next thing I know he’s flying across the garden! He landed on the concrete path, just missing the wall with his head. I obviously asked if he was ok, then proceeded to laugh, so much so, I had tears streaming down my face! I know I shouldn’t laugh but it was funny even though he dislocated his little finger! I can pretty much guarantee that if one of us was to get an injury, it’s always Andy. It’s a good job I brought plenty of bandages, tablets, platers, creams etc although a huge ball of cotton wool might have been better haha.
When we finally finished, the front garden was covered in branches. I think maybe we were a little over zealous, the poor apple tree is now a shadow of its former self. The quince tree was next on our hit list and I’m afraid it didn’t get much sympathy either! All I can say is hopefully they will recover next year but at least we have plenty of firewood for next year. The few vines we had have also been ripped out as they were old but we will be planting new ones to replace them.
As our garden is yet to be done properly, it doesn’t have much in the way of grass. I decided to make a temporary path to go round the side of our house to where our van is parked so we are not walking through mud when it rains. I gathered all the broken bricks I could find and laid them as best as I could to form a path. Not my idea to be honest, I got the idea from a fellow expat ( sorry Paul ). It turned out quite well and should do the job for now, although I did have to nick some from the side wall of our barn !
I’m now looking forward to spring when we can plant some new plants and flowers because,to be honest, we’ve got so carried away, that the garden looks bare and exposed, but at least we have a blank canvas to work with……….



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