Moaning Minnie !!!

I’ve decided it’s time to have a good old moan today because it’s a miserable day and I’m in a negative mood. I’m a woman, so it’s my prerogative !
So where do I start ? Ahh yes, dare I say it, yes I will…the bloody weather! It’s raining again for the hundredth time, I’m starting to feel like I’m back in the UK ! These past few months it’s like someone in the sky keeps turning the tap on and off just to p**s us all off. One minute it’s a beautiful, hot sunny day, the next the heavens have opened and suddenly we’re living in a castle surrounded by a moat ( well not exactly a castle, but I’m sure you get the picture ). So annoying when you’ve spent the morning clearing the garden of weeds for the hundredth time, the veg plot is looking good, grass has been cut and the washing is on the line drying, then all of a sudden the sky turns grey, the slight, welcoming breeze turns into a strong gust of wind and then,within minutes, torrential rain! Not much fun looking out the window, watching your veggies getting hammered to near death, your garden turning into a river and that load of lovely clean washing that was drying nicely on the line, now dripping wet grrrr.
Ok so the rain doesn’t always last for very long ,( to be fair we have had quite a few extremely hot, sunny days ) but it’s amazing how destructive the rain can be to the garden. Even though it’s not long before the sun comes out, my garden ends up being one big mud pit. Which leads me on to the next moan…..muddy dog prints !
Why is it that dogs feel the need to go in and out every 5 seconds when it’s raining but not when it’s sunny ?! Ok, so my hallway floor is Lino, so, easy to clean and I do put a couple of big towels down so that when they come in,it helps soak up some of the mud, or it would if they actually walked on them instead or around like they do ! I have tried to get them to sit on the towels while I dry them but they think it’s some sort if game, resulting in them getting so excitable that they start jumping around like crazy. Yep you guessed it, muddy paw prints everywhere except on the towels ūüôĀ . My reward for my efforts at trying to train my dogs, is spending the rest of the day sweeping and mopping the floors ( I’m changing my name to Cinderella ! ).
That’s the weather out of the way,so moan no.2…….mosquitoes. Nasty, annoying little buggers! Last year, as some of you might remember, I got eaten alive and in a bad way, this year isn’t quite as bad, as in, they haven’t swollen up as much but the mozzies still see me as a tasty treat. I decided this year I’d be a bit more sensible. I made sure I spray repellant before I ventured out, put joggers on instead of shorts regardless of the temperature and thin socks on to protect my ankles. Well I thought my change of summer attire would save me somewhat from the little buggers…..wrong! The other day, whilst eating my dinner ( inside ), I felt a slight itching on my thigh which gradually got worse and was going further down my leg. No surprise to me that a mozzie had somehow found it’s way inside my joggers, so off came the joggers to see what damage it had done. 14 bloody bites running down my thigh ! To add insult to injury, while I was standing there half naked, shaking my joggers to death to make sure I removed the offending insect, I got bitten 3 times on my lower back ! Not impressed especially as the guilty offender was nowhere to be found. So I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what concoction I spray on or what clothing I wear, unless I completely wrap myself from head to toe in cling film, I’m not going to escape from being bitten. So looks like I’m going to spend the rest of the summer and autumn constantly scratching like some flea bitten mutt, waking up every night by the incessant itching and swearing profusely every time a mozzie comes near me.
Talking about insects…..the flies are no better. They are everywhere, buzzing round my head, taunting me. Funny how they seem to do a vanishing act when I get the rolled up magazine ready to swat them to death but when I give up trying to hunt them down, they are back, using me as a landing strip. There is one buzzing round me now as I’m typing which is about to meet his death !
Then there’s the wasps, beetles, barn flies, daddy long legs, carpenter bees, etc, etc. The other day I was just about to go through the wooden gate to check on my potatoes and I hadn’t seen the carpenter bee on the gate, boring a neat hole in the wood to lay her eggs, until it started to attack me ! So there I am, running around the garden like some crazed chimp, arms flailing in the air trying to stop this big, black angry bee from getting me. I must have scared my spaniel Twix because he took one look at me and darted back into the house, I found him hiding in my bedroom . Actually I think I’ve scarred him for life because every time I wave my arm in the air to swipe one of the many insects, he runs away and hides haha . Oh I did forget to mention ants. This year, for some reason ( maybe something to do with the erratic weather ) my whole garden is swarming with ants. Now I’m not too worried about there being so many ants until they start finding their way into my house, especially the kitchen ! And now they have. I’ve tried using all the natural, home made remedies to rid the kitchen of ants but to no avail. My shopping list yesterday consisted of ant killer, fly and wasp spray, mosquito repellant and insect bite cream, so today I’m armed an dangerous !
Well i think that’s my moaning over and done with, for now anyway. For those of you reading this, sorry. On a more positive note, the sun is coming out, so time to go back out and battle with the mozzies !


  1. Doerte Ioannou


    I just read your blog, which I am following with a lot of pleasure since the beginning. So subject mosquitos: I live in Cyprus where we do have this problem too. Here we use simply use a “mosquito machine”. You plug this machine in next to your bed than insert the “tablett” and sleep all night like an angel -no bites at all. Ask if you can find it in Bulgaria-everybody is using it here. Another tip: If you sit outside at night in your garden,,just place a fan quite close to were you are sitting, the air from the fan keeps all insects away.

    Now the flies: Fill look through plastic bags with water and hang it around your pergola or in the trees, it keeps away the flies. Or you can buy chlorine tabletts (for swimming pools).Dissolve 1 tablett into 10 litres of water and spray the area where you are sitting. No more mosquitos for around a month. Than you have to spray again.

    Subject itching… you have all my sympathies…. Use either Calendula cream, stops the itching immediately or use cammomille. Boil the cammomille with water, let it cool down. Make a big portion and put it in the fridge. Apply with a bit of cotton on the bites, the itching stops immdiately. I hope that will help.

    The machine are very cheap here by the way maybe 5, 6 Euros same are the tabletts.

    Warmest regards


    P.S. Sorry my English is not so great, as I am from Germany

    1. andyandmariet

      Thank you for all the suggestions, I have tried a couple of them in the past but didn’t seem to work but I will certainly try the others . I have found that baking soda mixed with water to make a paste has helped me, not so itchy now. Only tried it out a couple of days ago so fingers crossed i won’t be itching so much anymore. We do have a few of those plug-ins but don’t seem to work, the little buggers must be immune to them haha. Thanks again ūüôā

  2. Liz Riding

    Oh no, sounds awful. I handed my notice in at work yesterday and we’re coming over to Bulgaria at the end of summer, with plans to move over….better buy the insect repellent in now (and musn’t forget the wellies)!

    1. andyandmariet

      Sorry, hope I didn’t put you off. I love it here really just some things can be hard to deal with, mine are some of the insects. Anyway good luck with the move, I hope everything goes smoothly and I’m sure you’ll love it here ūüôā

  3. Nancy morgan

    Hi I am in Bulgaria and learnt a lot about ants in the house, if nothing for them to come in for they will not come in ( not like it lef some sweets by my bed ) oh but got over that one, now sweep every day and leave no food around that is the answer great to read you blog x

  4. Janine Simpson

    Hello, love your blogs and they do make me laugh, good luck with the Summer, one tip I could give you about Mosquitoes is to take Vitamin B1 supplement, it works for me, not sure how, but give it a try ūüôā

    1. andyandmariet

      Thank you Janine, funny you should say that because I remembered yesterday that taking vitaminB helps as I used to work in a pharmacy as a dispenser. Apparently mozzies don’t like the taste in your blood.

  5. Anne

    OMG don’t we know it. Our cats had rubbish flea collars on at the beginning of summer (whenever that was) so even though we’ve gone industrial strength again now, we’re on the back foot with the number of flea families that moved in in the meantime. God knows how many generations of the b*st*rds have eaten me alive over the last weeks. We have sprayed, pumped, powdered, hoovered and mopped in ALL rooms – even the bare floors – and am covered in icky bites.
    The most horrible thing this year so far was waking up WITH A TICK ON MY FACE. *shudder*
    We’ll be wishing for snow this winter, to help kill some of them off before they mutate into super-strength critters that TAKE OVER OUR HOMES next year!!
    Gosh, sorry. Clearly not dealing with this over here so well either… Anne, NovoP x

    1. andyandmariet

      Well all I can say is poor you, your dilemma far out ways mine. I’ve only had one tick and that was bad enough. Frontline for cats is supposed to be good but then I’m guessing you already tried it. I do love it here but there are times when certain things that I’m not used to dealing with just try my patience but I suppose part of life no matter what country I’m living in.
      Well I really hope you get through the ‘ attack of the flea brigade ‘ soon. Let me know how you get on.
      Marie x

  6. Paul Treslove (@PTreslove)

    Hi guys! I got some comfort knowing I’m not going through this myself. It can be awfully lonely here but after 2 months of living here and going to nearby caf√©s and hotels for wifi, I now have internet! I’m in –í–ĺ–Ļ–Ĺ–Ķ–∂–į (30 km from Veliko Turnovo) and slowly working through the house and trying to do a bit here and there. Things are getting a bit easier, slowly. Or at least they were before I scraped all my BMW down one side on the darn garage! Sigh! So much to chat about, nice to know you both.


    1. andyandmariet

      Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. Yes it can get lonely here at times. Internet helps, as at least you can keep in touch with family and friends, when it works but as this is Bulgaria there are always problems. Life here can be very difficult, winters are the worst, I find, as cabin fever sets in. Anyway if you ever need to talk, you can alway contact us privately through the ‘ about me ‘ page. Good luck with the house and sorry about your car, hope it isn’t too badly scratched.
      Regards Marie

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