To new beginnings

Well we went to meet my parents today for the last time in the UK. It was lovely to see them and the meal my mum prepared for us was lovely, good English cooking is something I will definitely miss, but I’m sure Marie will master Bulgarian cuisine fairly quickly ūüôā .
We started the meal with a toast from Marie to new beginnings as we set off on our journey, my parents have sold their home of over 16 years and are downsizing. It is a completely new journey for them living in a smaller property but I know they will enjoy having a bit more free time.
It was lovely sitting in their conservatory telling stories from our pasts and discussing our new adventure and what we have to come. One of the discussions that will also stick in our minds in the urgent requirement to have a toilet installed which shall forever more be named as “Ian’s Throne” as currently we don’t know if we even have a toilet or where it might be of we do!
It is kinda nice to think that in some ways we are living out the “dream” of my parents of living out the “good life”, although it does add some minor pressure to ensure that we succeed with our dreams and make our house into a home as much as possible in time for their first visit.
There were some tears but overall alot of well wishes and I think some slight approval and admiration for what we are doing, as with alot of people when we mentioned what we are doing they were sceptical, but have gradually come round to the idea.
We will miss them and it will be strange not having them close by, but I am glad that things are coming together for them and with today’s technology we shall be able to keep in contact.
We now have our list of jobs to achieve before them come to visit and we look forward to that day and showing how far we have come.

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