Retired at 30 ?

Well I was at my last day at work today and I am now what you would call retired. Quite weird to think that at the age of 30 I have no future plans to be back in either full or part time employment, so I guess I am retired?
I’m not ready for my pipe or slippers yet, nor am I ready for my Zimmer frame, although the better half might disagree (years of playing rugby and alot of injuries have taken their toll).
So how can I be retired already, well with the relative low cost of living in Bulgaria coupled with the beautiful scenery, relaxed lifestyle, and being able to buy a house for less than the price of a second hand car, who wouldn’t retire as early as possible.
Although in reality I won’t be retired I will be working for myself, we have got a house to renovate, barns to either repair or renovate, gardening to do, rewiring, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom to build and install, the list really does go on. I already know that there will be days when I wish I was sat back in the office, behind my desk where I wouldn’t have an aching back, blisters on my hands, sun burn etc, but then alternatively there will be days when the weather is nice and I will be able to enjoy our little piece of heaven and not miss the rush hour traffic, the dreary UK weather etc.
I know that I will miss the guys I have been working with, after all they welcomed me into the company, supported me when I needed it, and guided me when I was learning completely new skills, products, etc. it will be a bit surreal not getting up in the morning and getting ready for work, or driving up and down motorways to do site visits, but I think I will be able to get over it when I am sat outside with my morning coffee, with nothing to disturb the silence but some birds, bees, and possibly the odd passing goat.
Our new adventure is going to take some adjustment as I’ve spent nearly the last year designing computer networks and now I will be designing chicken coops and planting schemes, but life is one big adventure and this will definitely be the biggest in our lives.
With less than one week to go before we hook up the caravan and set off on our journey we look round the house and realise just how much we have left to get done, but I suppose what we have left to do will seem like nothing compared what we have to do when we get to Bulgaria.
This will be a big adventure, but it will be ours!


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