Preparing To Move

Well it’s been a busy 4 days, not only are we preparing to move but we are helping Andy’s parents too as they have sold their 5 bed house and down sizing to 3 bed bungalow and they only have a few weeks to sort out all their stuff, so it’s been a rather manic time. It’s been a few days of sorting, throwing and listing things on eBay. Moving house can be a stressful time as we all know but it can also be emotional, especially when your having to get rid of so much stuff. It’s the memories that items hold that makes it so difficult. When you have to reduce all your worldly goods to fit in a smaller house or a van, like us, it can become heart wrenching. We’ve had to be ruthless and I must admit I’ve shed a few tears, at times it’s like having your whole life flash before your eyes, it’s like almost every bit of furniture or ornament or anything holds some sort of memory, but you have to get rid and its like throwing part off your life away. Anyway we’ve managed to get through that difficult period and now helping the in- laws to do the same, and it’s been productive if nothing else. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years.
Yesterday was another busy day. As we are in rented accommodation, we now have the pleasure of viewing the property to prospective tenants,oh the joys! We spent the whole day cleaning and I think I drove Andy mad because every time he thought we had finished, I kept adding more to the list! Andy decided that the best way to do the viewings was to do an open hose for one hour, so the agents booked 20 people to come view in that hour ( slight panic on my part ). So the open house was from 6-7pm and as usual there is always one that turns up earlier and asks ‘ am I too early?’,in the hope that I would reply ‘ it’s ok, please come in’ , but I wasn’t in the mood to be that polite so instead I replied ‘ yes you,are can you come back in 10 minutes? ‘ , ( with a smile on my face of course.) So 6 o’clock came, Andy took the dogs out and I was left to deal with the stampede, and that was pretty much what it was! Only 15 viewers and their clan of children turned up, at times it felt like I was running a nursery school but I got through the 101 questions being fired at me and the kids jumping all over the furniture etc, etc and I must admit its a better way of doing viewings. I’m hoping that will be it and at least one of them is rushing to the agents as I speak to get in there first before anyone else does.
Today we go to the scrap yard to get all the metal weighed, the van is full ( and I mean full! ) of metal. Some of it is ours but most it is the in- laws and its amazing how much there is but we have just emptied 2 houses and 4 sheds plus a very big garden, so it soon mounts up. Every penny we get just helps towards the funds and why chuck it if you can get some money for it,even if its only a small amount.
So it’s been a pretty eventful and tiring few days but we have almost reach the top of the hill and soon we will be running down to the finish line !!!!

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