Our Home On Wheels

After looking at the route we would be taking to Bulgaria, it soon became apparent that a near 2000 mile journey is going to take us at least 3 – 4 days of solid driving.

Because of this we realised that it would be beneficial to have a caravan, not only for the journey but also to stay in whilst we do the renovations on our house.

Now us being us and not always doing things the “normal” way (after all we did buy a house blind off of Ebay), we went back on to the wonder that is Ebay and fell in love with this completely original 1960’s Retro Caravan. Mint condition out of the box doesn’t even come close to its condition, but it is going to be a great place to relax in after a long day, it is inspirational just sitting inside of it.

The only slight downside (possibly) is the looks we might get at border controls as we are going to be towing this beauty behind a LWB high top transit van, we will look like some bizarre travellers, but we will keep blogging as we travel so we can let you know how we get on as we pass through the numerous borders across Europe.

It is going to be one Big Adventure but we can’t wait for it to begin.






  1. rlogan1155

    Good luck on your trip. We are Canadians living full time in a fifth wheel, this is our 4th winter. Right now we are in South Texas but will be leaving for Southern Ontario,Canada in a couple of weeks and plan on taking a month to get there. We do love this lifestyle and know you will too.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road

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