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As we are becoming more accustomed to Bulgaria, we are starting to understand more and more about this beautiful country.  So far due to us renovating our house we have not had the opportunity to travel around this wonderful country, so we have been looking online and via Facebook for information.

One such site we came across is Andrey Andreev Photography, this website quite clearly shows the variety and beauty of Bulgaria, and provides us with inspiration for next year to travel around and visit some of these amazing places.

Please note, photo’s are shown in much better quality on the Andrey Andreev Photography website.

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer Abroad

Plovdiv – for a while

Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.com

So, the beginning was at Plovdiv rail station at five in the morning. It was full moon and in Plovdiv everybody was sleeping. Nothing grabbed our attention from the beginning and we got away from the sleeping city with a vague idea to visit Kosovo village. I had not heard of this small village before and that made me even more enthusiastic.


Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.comKosovo greeted us nestled in the Rhodope Mountains – a beautiful and attractive place. Perhaps I would never come here if I had to make arrangements and preparations in advance, but the unexpected decision proved to be very enjoyable. Well, of course, I’d rather prefer it was winter and having to go with donkey to this beautiful area of Bulgaria, but in this case neither donkey nor snow was present. But we were surprised by the great hospitability.

Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.com

Much can be said about Rhodope Mountains and people there. I haven’t met any inhospitable Rhodopean people. This is probably because I am very cheeky and I ignore the failures. At the beginning of the walk the first person we met invited us to see the view through the windows of his house. Maybe everyone is friendly because they want to show us their home …

Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.com

And yet nothing can replace a walk along the paths between old abandoned houses. You go back to the past, when people used to breed livestock, getting up at 4am. So probably they used to go to bed with the chickens, not with “Desperate Housewives.” But I do not know whether the abundance of shows on television makes us richer than them.

Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.com

Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.com

The idea of ​​watermelon slipped somewhat unexpectedly in our minds and also in our conversations … Well, actually I know who slipped it, but not to blame now … anyways, the mountain it’s a nice place to eat watermelon. In Kosovo there are two restaurants and the more luxury one is Hadjiiskata house. They were also hospitable in their own way and although watermelon was not in the menu, it was what we had for dessert. Many watermelons are now in one paragraph and I do not want to miss to mention patatnik as I didn’t miss enjoying it. Patatnik is a tasty meal from potatoes and Bulgarian cheese, you should try it.

Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.com

Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.com

It was not a romantic story, but it was a story about a nice, cold watermelon and a tasty patatnik. For a man it’s quite romantic. In the village of Kosovo you can make up your own stories and create your own romance. Wonderful old stone buildings, the coolness of the mountains and a nice thought of cold watermelon – this is a good start for a Saturday. And the village is the perfect place to spend a weekend with a good company.

Photo: Copyright Andrey Andreev www.andrey-andreev.com

But back to the beginning – Mark Twain. He always impressed me with clear thought and good ideas. And in this case with his bull’s eye. The problem with this idea is that even if I like my company, my company starts to know me as well. Well, too bad, but we will look for new ones! But I hadn’t been with so nice company for a long time, for which I am very grateful, and despite the many kilometres travelled to reach this place, Kosovo, am sincerely happy about my Saturday … and that was the goal.

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  1. Bruce McDonald

    Such beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I hope you don’t mind my further sharing yоur post on my Facebook page. The mention of Patanik caught my eye — just the other day I was walking with a Bulgarian woman my wife and I had been introduced to, and we spotted some mint bushes. She told me about using mint in potato pie. I thought I must have misunderstood. Now, googling a recipe for Patanik, I see that’s the very dish she was telling me about. Her village, Lucky (Лъки), is also in the Rhodopes, not far from the village described in the article.

  2. Rose

    I admire your decision to come to Bulgaria, considering the fact that it is usually the negative sides of Bulgarian life being mentioned/ discussed in the media/academia. “Aren’t you all gypsies in Bulgaria?”, I was once asked while in the UK… but never mind, I also chose to leave the UK and live in Bulgaria and I do not think I will be ever sorry for taking this decision… Looking forward toyou future posts and good luck!

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