The Tiny Room

As we have more family arriving next month and only one bedroom, we decided to convert the small room that is off the Living room into a bedroom. The room is rather small but just big enough to squeeze a double mattress in it. After filling in the cracks and painting the walls, we then made a bed base as we didn’t have one. Surprisingly it was quite easy to build even tho we had to build it in sections, as we had to fit it together in the room otherwise we wouldn’t have got it in. We built it higher than a usual bed so that we could use it as storage. Base made, mattress on….finished. Realised that once the mattress was on, the bed was a little high so we had to build a little stool to help us get on the bed haha. Decorated it in a shabby chic style and I love it. Ok so it’s a little girly but so cosy. We decided its going to be our winter bedroom as it has no windows, so no draft !






  1. Matt

    You’re far too modest – every time I read these articles I’m really impressed when I see the photos at the end! And I’m an interior designer…

    But on a serious note, it may work well in the winter – basically that’s what all the locals do!

    Keep up the good work and don’t lose faith!

    1. andyandmariet

      Thanks for the comment. I really love this room and so happy with the end result. We love our bathroom and this room, as for the other rooms, well they are getting a proper overhaul next year. Think I will keep to the shabby chic/ rustic theme, it’s more in keeping with the house . As for loosing faith…. Never ūüôā

  2. marklivo

    as ever you both amaze me with what you have achieved in such a short time,so proud of you both,can’t wait to come over for a visit later this you..lots of love mark,michaela and clan.xxxx

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